Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Bobbin Lace

A series of A5 books, each on a different aspect of sixteenth and seventeenth century bobbin lace. Each book provides historical context and is extensively illustrated with images of original lace and worked samples, plus patterns and working diagrams. Published by the Cleveden Press.

Introducing Bone Lace A Beginner’s Guide to Working Early Bobbin Lace

Available now @ £10 + p&p  ISBN 978-0-9553223-7-2

This book, a prequel to the four books listed below, is a mix of history and practical instruction. It assumes no previous knowledge of bobbin lace, so is suitable for complete beginners, it would also be of interest to textile researchers and those involved  in re-enactment or costumed interpretation.

Book 1: Gold and Silver Edgings
Available now price £12 plus p&p
ISBN 978-0-9553223-3-4

Examples of metallic laces found on gloves, caps, coifs, jackets, sashes and other items surviving in English and Scottish collections.

Book 2: The Isham Samples and other Linen Edgings

Available now price £12 plus p&p

ISBN 978-0-9553223-4-1

Sometime in the 1620s Elizabeth Isham wrote to her father sending him samples of linen edgings which she said he should be buying for the then fashionable ‘bands’ (collars). Reconstructions of these tiny samples are described here, alongside wider edgings, many including black or pink/red contrasts, found on shirts, jackets, collars and other items.

Book 3: Surface Decoration in Silk and Metallic Thread 
Available now price £12 plus p&pbordered book 3 cover
ISBN 978-0-9553223-5-8

Reconstructions of many of the great variety of surface decorations that can be seen on portraits and a few examples of surviving lace.


Book 4: Insertions & Borders:
Now available price £12 + P&P
ISBN 978 0 9553223 6 5
Decorative insertions as used to link widths of linen for clothing or bed-linen and wide borders for collars and ruffs.

Elizabethan Lace

Cleveden Press 2009
ISBN 978-0-9553223-1-0

This book is now out of print. It was first published in 1995 by the Elviston Press with a reprint by Cleveden press, however my recent research has indicated that much of what I wrote about the working of early bobbin lace is actually incorrect, so there will not be a further reprint.

Written with the mindset of a twentieth century lacemaker, the book contains patterns and instructions for a variety of needle and bobbin lace techniques.

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